We welcome participants with any approach who are passionate about pursuing prefrontal and cingulate functions from empirical and computational perspectives.

The meeting will provide ample time for open discussions and also slots for short talks. Posters and data blitz sessions for trainees will also be proposed.


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          *** Registrations are closed ***

Topics of Interest

  • Role of Prefrontal and Anterior Cingulate Cortex
  • Effects of frontal lesions and optogenetic stimulations
  • Decision Making, Foraging, Exploration
  • Emotional Regulation, Social behaviours
  • Selectivity, interactions, and Information processing and dynamics in PFC
  • Interactions Between Prefrontal Cortex and Other Structures




Speakers & Chairing

Daniel Durstewitz                        David Euston

Clay Holroyd                               Min Jung

Stefan Everling                           Jon Wallis

 William Alexander                        Mehdi Khamassi

Suliann BenHamed                       Betsy Murray

Jill O'Reilly                                  Martin Paré

Sébastien Bouret                        Barry Richmond

Matthew Chaffee                        Jean-René Duhamel

Christos Constantinidis                Camillo Padoa-Schioppa

Paula Croxson                            Pete Rudebeck

Sophie Denève                           Matthew Rushworth

Stefan Everling                          Jérôme Sallet

Lesley Fellows                           Sameer Sheth

Shintaro Funahashi                     Amitai Shenhav 

Aldo Genovesio                          Mark Stokes

Ilka Diester                               Eliana Vassena

Alicia Izquierdo                          Thilo Womelsdorf

Matt Jones                                Nick Yeung

Bita Moghaddam                        Aaron Gruber

Mattia Rigotti                             Mathias Pessiglione


Organizing Committee

  • Bruno Averbeck
  • Daniel Durstewitz
  • David Euston
  • Clay Holroyd
  • Mark Laubach
  • Emmanuel Procyk
  • Jeremy Seamans



Local Organizers

  • Emmanuel Procyk
  • Charles R. E. Wilson
  • Suliann Ben Hamed



Program Summary

Sunday 28th . Welcome drink

Mon. 29th . 1st day sessions 8.30-19.00 + Social event

Tue. 30th . 2nd day sessions 9.00-19.00

Wed. 31th . Last session and datablitz 9.00-13.00



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